Project release from PM perspective

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I’ve recently released a project with my team and would like to share some statistics which might be usefull to others during estimates.

Brief project description :

  • 3 senior developers
  • 1 junior developer
  • 1 junior analist
  • 1 senior tester
  • Time spent for development – 211 calendar days
  • Time spent for analysis – 30 calendar days
  • 4 logically related components
  • 12 main functional requirements
  • 27 main use cases
  • Tester was involved 80 calendar days before the relase

Results :

  • We met the deadline
  • 362 issues (tasks, bugs, improvements) were registred in the project management software
  • Average issue resolution time decreased from 9 days to 4 days (statistics were calculated for each month)
  • We had 12 blocking issues, 64 critical issues and 238 major issues. Others were either minor or trivial
  • ~50% of issues were BUGS !!!
  • 45 of 48 test cases passed
  • 3 test cases blocked

Conclusion :

  • There was a high risk that we are going to miss the deadline, because tester was involved too late.
  • Response from tester: “I would like to get at least two more weeks to make sure that everything is ok.”

Testing is very important !!! Involve testers into your projects ASAP, don’t put your projects at risk.