The “science” in the science of …

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Often notice that people tend to be “black and white” when talking about practices in any field, let it be management, design, development or whatever… e.g. go completely scientific and measure everything and be very structured or become completely ad-hoc and reactive.


Of course it’s an option to work in a binary way, but in my opinion it is not necessarily the best way to go while facing complex problem. You must have various “tools” in your toolbox and be creative in applying them depending on a situation or context.

As a confirmation for myself I’ve stumbled upon an article  recently which covers exactly the same topic –

So, can design be a science? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Can it be empirically based, evidence driven? Yes. Will it have to reply on intuition and the creativity of individual designers? Sometimes, yes.

2 seconds improvements and Visualization

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2 seconds improvements are very important but it’s very difficult to see the value in a long-term as such actions are focused on small and early wins.
Visualization has certain power in it. it helps to see things in perspective. 
Sticky notes, paper and marker comes to the rescue. Simple visualisation how doing small things helps to big something huge. I guess that’s from where such things come from:

  • continuous improvement
  • continuous integration
  • continuous deployment
  • continuous refactoring
  • continuous value delivery
  • sprints
  • ….

2 seconds improvements

What if New Year in every company…

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Imagine what would happen if the end of the Month would be treated as the end of the Year? What if most common end of year activities would happen monthly? Would it be better place to work? What do you think would change in your team or company? Here are some of them

  • Evaluating what was good and what was bad during a year
  • Planning (dreaming) ahead
  • Thinking about improvements and changes (either personal or work related)
  • Sharing feedback with colleagues
New Year 2014

Culture hacking in action: shared resource

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It seems there shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s a dedicated projector for a meeting room, why should you take it and don’t bring it back? But crowd behaviour sometimes is weird and unpredictable even though everyone alone is a very sane and smart person.

What did we try?
– Emails explaining the situation. Did it work? NO!
– Talking in person by a coffee machine. Did it work? NO!

Decided to try another thing – infographics and visualization. Do you think it will work? What else could we try? (e.g. nailing stuff to a table? :))