Stumbled upon while was reviewing my notes. Notes were with a funny titles “Hints for myself” (unfortunately can’t remember where i read it, so can’t refer to the source)

  • Manage Your Mood
  • Don’t Check Email in The Morning
  • Before You Try To Do It Faster, Ask Whether It Should Be Done At All
  • Focus Is Nothing More Than Eliminating Distractions
  • Have A Personal System
  • Define Your Goals The Night Before

APIs help to identify value. API discussions are very valuable when you think about organisational structure. Think about your organisation while reading hints below:

  • Decoupled UI, different interfaces are possible while core logic stays the same
  • Can use 3d party software
  • Easier to delegate to non-domain experts
  • Easier to communicate with other teams & hide certain complexity of specific components
  • Less stupid meetings and communication problems
  • Decoupling from others. API is like a street – you set the rules and others can use it
  • Simplify UI -> others can do it
  • It helps to sell the product, as you are focused!
  • You can give away the boring stuff and focus on what’s important
  • You can construct things faster, like a LEGO!
  • You can experiment faster with features
  • You can experiment with business model

APIs give you technical agility and allow to grow and experiment faster – how organize a company, how to build stuff. But it’s not easy…

Here is a couple of questions to ask before you want to build a feature.

If we built <feature name>, what measurable business benefit or other positive outcome would be achieved?

If we built <feature>, which roles or user personas would use it, and how often would they use it?

When being a Product Owner what else do you treat as important before you start building something?

Would highlight following reasons based on my experience:

  • Wears multiple hats – marketer, designer, sales expert, business analyst, …
    • must learn delegate and educate others to avoid becoming a bottleneck
  • Must be domain expert so others and teams would trust in decisions
  • Defines demand of investments into development
  • Has to be perfect communicator as needs to clarify and negotiate important priorities and delivery dates
  • Has to love his product and be passionate about it

What is your opinion?

Very short question i have, please help me to answer:

How Gantt charts or strategic plans can be good when you try to build value structure? Do you use these tools in your personal life? If not, why do you think it’s useful within your organisation?


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