How do i manage?

What manager does? Their main focus is not on people performance and their efficiency, not about rules or KPIs. These are tools that are selected or built with your team. Instead their focus is on value creation, environment and principles. management

Want to share ideas how i manage for some reasons:

  • it might be helpful to others
  • it is extremely curious to me if my point of view is going to be different when i read it later
  • learn from others so comments and feedback are welcome

Environment. Results are very important, but we won’t be successful as a team unless each individual is fulfilled.

Style. “Ask. Understand. Change.” Process is only a tool, understanding your business is essential. Go out and talk to people. Adjust to business demand and make changes fast.

  • Humor (sometimes even rude) is a big part of the game.
  • Direct person. This is my natural behavior. I expect this from my team.

Problem solving. When a challenge is presented, bring along several solutions, one of which does not include spending (more) money. Always try to understand root cause – why, why, why,…

Meetings. Book a meeting only if it can’t be avoided. Prepare, engage invited people, come out with actions.

Professionalism. High internal standards push me to do things in a best way possible. Same is required from team members.

Learning. “Experts” can ruin everything as they are not accepting new information. If you are not changing and learning new things than something is wrong with you.

Change. Processes, tools, structure must always be adjusted to business needs

Winning. My definition of “winning” is that everyone wins: employees, customers, users.



Expectations are bi-directional

Expectations are set not only for employee, but for employer also. It’s easy to ignore dealing with simple jobs, but very important not to forget while working with knowledge workers. Why? They are less dependent on you and looking for win/win situations is always more fun.

De-centralized vs Centralized

Still thinking how to organize your work? Think no more, answer is obvious.

The problem is that by creating bureaucracies, we put civil servants in a position to make decisions based on abstract and theoretical matters, with the illusion that they will be making them in a rational, accountable way.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Antifragile

Delegate decision making

But don’t do it without

  • telling what you delegate
  • identifying constraints/limits/waterline
  • knowing what do you want to achieve
  • setting principles
  • providing information 

Otherwise involved people will

  • have tons of meetings to verify options
  • involve even more people
  • start gathering information _they_ think is needed