External provider

When do you use external service provider? I tried following: To provide commodity infrastructure services – in progress, think will work Commercial offerings without mixing in people from your company (defined scope and budget) – failed Fast experiments to validate options (no integration with platform, no involvement of internal people) – success Commercial offerings with heavily involving […]

Hints by Niccolo Machiavelli: outsource

….Army that defends the country can be of three types: own, allied, hired or mixed. Allied and hired armies are useless and dangerous as you can’t use them as solid foundation, such armies can be as dangerous as enemy during a war – they will use your resources during a peacetime, but will not sacrifice their lives […]

Outsourcing: what i learned

Describe scope better and split it to milestones. The more you have them the better Involve Team and PO while selecting a contractor Let teams directly communicate  between. Managers are bottleneck Don’t use hourly rate! What you care about is how much you are ready to pay for certain group of features. Make contracts based […]